食パンレシピ【銀座の食パン】外国人の反応 | JAPAN TRIP

銀座の食パン香は、おいしいの? | JAPAN TRIP | 外国人の反応

[ 俺のBakery&Cafe 新宿京王モール ]
東京都新宿区西新宿1丁目 南口地下街1号 京王モールB1F

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Thoughts on Universal Design: Ouka’s goal is for everyone to enjoy food culture with equality.
1) Delicious taste!
We promise the highest quality ingredients, from sea bream and halal meats to fresh vegetables and seasonings.

2) Food safety and security
We are proud to be 100% halal and offer vegan menu options.

3) Out-standing accessibility
We offer an accessible space so that anyone in a wheelchair, people with infants in strollers, or anyone who needs a high counter chair can enjoy ramen without barriers.

4) Counter height
Our counter height is set to be “just right” for female customers, too.

5) Pictogram menu
Our visually-oriented menu conveys the five senses in an easy to understand way.

6) Ecology
We use only LED lighting and energy saving appliances.

7) Mutual understanding
We strive to represent Japan’s food culture to a multi-ethnic and multi-lingual world.

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